In 2006, Plan B Publishing printed my first book: Illegal (Yasadışı) A book of photography, Illegal told the story of two illegal migrants, both trying to claiming refugee status, and both having been declined once, and their cases closed, trying to survive in the megapolis, Istanbul: two women, both in their early twenties, both single mothers, one Ethiopian and the other Somali, both trying to keep a lid on the age old vendetta between the two peoples, as they are thrown together by circumstances mutual.

West-end of the Border

In 2010, I self-published West-end of the Border as an e-book of photography, first of its kind, online. A great many people helped me get the digital copy out, and a load of thanks go to everyone whose names are printed on the inner sleeve. Wes-end of the Border is now also available via issuu.com, and both versions are in circulation free of charge. Spreading the word on Darfur was more important than making a profit while doing so.

Talking about profits, The Refugee Project is non-profit, meaning, if and when I make any money off it, the amount is invested back in, helping the documentary project expand. If I do not make any money off it for sometime, then I invest in the project myself. It has no sponsors, except myself, and that way I can guarantee its independence. Making the second book available online and free of charge was a way of “thank you” to all those kind souls who helped me realize it in the first place, and to whom aside from being forever grateful, I will never be able to thank enough: I will not name names, they know who they are..

Occasional Doodles

In 2014, Ozge Ersoy and myself started new journey the seeds of which we had planted in 2009. Five years ago we penned a series of online articles in Turkish, more like dialogues, concentrating on media ethics, photojournalism, citizen journalism, and creation and dissemination of visual data:

  1. Yoksulluğun Keyfini Çıkar / Enjoy Poverty, Please
  2. Fotomuhabirileştiremediklerimizden misiniz? / Are you one of those whom we couldn’t convert into a photojournalist?
  3. Heb2
  4. Yes Men Kurtar Bizi / Yes Men, Save Us
  5. Fotoğraf ve Suç / Photography and Crime
  6. Bilgi Kitleleri Yerinden Oynatır mı? 1 & 2 / Does information move the masses? Parts 1 & 2

Telegenic, the trilogy

And exactly 5 years later, as a follow up to our articles, we published, with project funding from Spot Productions, a bilingual flip-book: Telegenic (Telejenik) The book was printed in limited number and distributed free of charge by the organization. Other than Ozge and myself, we had a third author: Thomas Keenan.

The feedback we received from the book encouraged us to continue, and we decided to expand Telegenic. Propaganda, Part II of the Telegenic trilogy will be available later this year.

So, stay tuned…