The Virtual Story started off as my website. It was a name I landed on as I was looking for a catchy title which would summarize what my portfolio is about.

I like to think of myself as a story teller. The fact that I use photography, or images, to do just that is a mere detail. Thus, came the name.

This site would be one where occasional stories would be told. In pictures. Later perhaps in video, but always with the aid of some kind of visual material, and certainly making vast use of the virtual medium.

Now, almost a decade after the founding of its name, The Virtual Story, is finally a site where not only my photos tell a story, but I can, as well… With this blog site I wish to do just that: tell you my stories, funny adventures, tragi-comic tales, or just news from far away lands, my hometown, or yours.

Do enjoy, and do not forget to drop a line or two to let me know what you think!

P.S. Those of you that would like to use the material here for a publication, you can either contact me, or shop online through Alamy:

Stock photography by Bikem Ekberzade at Alamy

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