I photographed/wrote ‪West-end of the Border‬ almost a decade ago, and self-published it in 2010 with invaluable editorial assistance from Helen Bartlett, and a fantastic layout thanks to Sercan Özen and Özgürol Öztürk.

I never realized that the book would be more important, pertinent rather, today than it ever would be. Europe having yet another refugee crisis in its hands, this time with people fleeing multiple wars, and although worse has been recorded in annals of history, none has been documented this widely.

Darfur was primarily about water, access to natural resources. And politicizing ethnicity. The Janjaweet were devil’s horsemen. The atrocities were hate crimes. Trauma upon trauma for the survivors, so much so that you wondered if it were better they be dead.

As we watch the events and stories unfold in Syria, Afghanistan, Turkey even, it becomes a hard and a sad fact that not much has changed since.

Except the world of mobile communication. Albeit being a pdf copy, the book is now available on all devices:

P.S. The books original site is also still on (although we have been having some difficulties of late, they have now been solved.)


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