On Sunday, 25th of May, text messages are sent to Soma workers, summoning them back to work, effective as of 00:00 hrs.

12 days into the Soma coal mine tragedy Labor Unions take to the streets, protesting safety and security standards in workplaces, as well as lack of safety requirements in subcontract work.

Black coffins represent workers who died in the docks, in construction sites, and from toxic work in textile factories. The names of more than 300 mine workers who died on May 13 are also included.



3 thoughts on “#SOMA d. 12

  1. I loathe liking your post but I did not know that the mine was reopened. I assumed (wrongly) that it had been closed. Sad for all who lost fathers, brothers, Sons, oh the list goes on doesn’t it?

    • There are several other mines in Soma valley. The one where 300+ miners were killed is closed. The reason is not it is unsafe however, the mine closed because of a “glitch” in the legislature, which states if the casualty reaches 300, the mine is automatically closed (locked and sealed that is)

      However the company, under whose management these workers were killed and others wounded, operates other mines in the same area. So now they are 302+ short, all workers living and under contract,were summoned.

      Main opposition party (CHP) and its senators in the area intervened, insisting that the survivors needed time to recuperate….

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