As promised I will continue to post short edits of the days past Gezi Park Protests until March 30, the day of the Turkish local elections. Once more, the reason is the mere fact that it was Gezi Park that paved the way to the wave of change which most people are now willing to ride – despite the increasing censorship and the relentless hold of the government on to power.

In July of last year Nuray and Ozgur got married Gezi style, and I wrote about it here in my blog. Below is yet another short memory quencher from the day of the wedding. Enjoy!

Meanwhile in local news: Twitter is still blocked in Turkey, so is YouTube, and the ban for broadcasting party ads and any political campaigning has been extended to almost 48 hours yesterday. As of midnight last night no campaign details can be broadcasted or printed, up until local elections are over. The ban was supposed to start tonight at 18:00 hours. Many claim the extension has been imposed as the Prime Minister lost his voice and cannot attend his party’s rallies, whereas the opposition is going strong and gathering large crowds in their rallies. So day before elections, the airways are also silenced. But the internet, despite all the bans is a humming beehive. So no penguins there.

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