In November 2003 there were a series of suicide attacks  in Istanbul at multiple locations. The city, crowded at best but still a bustling metropolis, was shaken by the random, unexpected violence.

Turkey charged 74 people in association with the bombings along with two Syrian nationals. Al-Qaida took responsibility.

We, as journalists covered the events intensely from 15 November on.

When the street angle on the story ran cold, and the news was diverted more towards the manhunt than the casualties, I took my backup film camera to the streets, and took a series of photographs. The photographs were freestyle, for my personal archive, not intended to service any news outlet.

This series, we later edited with Neslihan Karaduman, using the soundtrack from NTV Radio, a national news provider.

The soundtrack belongs to the two days of attacks, November 15 and November 20 respectively. The photographs are from 21 November on.

This was an experimental project, with no artistic worry in mind. We were curious to see the effects of familiar sounds of a news story edited to the images from their aftermath: the time lapse and its effects on human memory.

The results were astounding.

Aftermath is a project on remembering. It aims to remind us that even when the madness dies down, its aftermath still lingers on.

And that news, is not a consumer item, even though we at times treat it as such.


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