Are we running out of time to:

work? love? live? make money? buy, buy, buy? make art? not war? make peace? break up? reach out? help? better ourselves? learn? consume? watch tv? read? educate? get educated? take pictures? ride a bike? climb a mountain? discover? give? do business? become corrupt? more corrupt? detestable? politicize? rule? reign? have power? control? fix? cure? find a cure? aid? assist? be kind? be merciful? forgiving? forget? think? understand? hear? listen? speak? tell the truth? lie? help a child? feed a stray? find home for the homeless? go to Congo? find faith? lose faith? acknowledge our magnitude in the universe? go to the moon? ride in a spaceship? meet Mr. Spark? the Doctor? make a discovery? make something of ourselves? be a good man? woman? child? student? worker? boss? employee? driver? or just be good…



(Original artwork by Kristin Jones and Andrew Ginzel, titled The Metronome — “an investigation into the nature of time.”) 

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