It was a busy day.. Getting acquainted with a new blog-maker, finally finding enough time and personal space to get my work, my thoughts, my life organized… Overall, it was a good day…

As we photojournalists rush from one assignment to another, we often crave for someone to pick up after us, to edit the photos, to archive them. As we rush off to the next story we need that person/or persons, we rely on them, for the longevity of the images we create. They showcase them, the editors mostly, the agents occasionally. However sometimes when work picks up and editors are scarce, we often are left to pick up the pieces ourselves, and not having time, those pieces pile up to form incongruous piles, scary, scaring us away.

Galata, Istanbul, Photo by Bikem Ekberzade

A piece from my yet-to-be-organized collection of images of wall art.

That’s what had been happening with me of late (say, the last decade or so.) Two of the books I published, Illegal and West-end of the Border were made up of images that managed to make their way out of the “death pile” (as I call the images, stories, writings, doodles that come to die slowly in that huge heap) thanks to fantastic people: Leland M. Hill, who prepared the layout for the first book, Helen Bartlett who edited both books and Sercan Ozen, and Ozgurol Ozturk through Galatasaray University, in Istanbul, who laid out the second book with Ozgur Ipek and the crew at You Can Flip who coded the book to make it look real, in a virtual sense.

The rest? Fate still unknown. Of the published, they were neatly archived, negatives to file drawers, digitals onto external hard disks. Of the not-so-lucky, chucked away to the death pile.

However now, things may yet change, as with this blog-site here may yet be a last ray of hope/light at the end of the tunnel for those forgotten images, stories, excerpts, anectodes from far away lands, yours and mine.

And with the website, the very official website finally in the works to a better version, hey, that ray of hope may shine brighter still.

So, do the best you can, and stay tuned…


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